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Intrinsic Reef Design installs and maintains custom aquarium systems for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish in Austin, Texas.  Professional aquarium maintenance, one time fish tank cleaning, aquarium installation, and any other aquarium service for home or business office is done with experience, at a more affordable price than aquarium stores.

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Intrinsic Reef Design is our guiding idea behind keeping beautiful aquariums.  Combining an understanding of nature's crucial relationships and cycles, with the technology to recreate it's force, aquariums become healthy and dynamic art forms.  Freshwater and marine aquarium set-ups are diverse recreations of nature with our experience and professinal aquarium maintenance.  Custom aquarium equipment installation imitates natural light, water motion and purification. Encouraging tropical fish and corals to act and display as they do in the wild.  Our tropical fish tank cleaning is specific to the type of inhabitants, and all aquarium maintenance is designed to recreate natural enviroments.  Our saltwater fish aquarium service keeps unsightly algae from growing, and corals and fish respond visibly to the cleaner water.  Our aquarium design and custom aquarium installation ranges from naturally balanced ecosystems to the most advanced technology.  This blend of regular aquarium service and proper tank installation, supports tropical fish to their wild life expectancy and sometimes longer.  Saltwater aquariums today, with regular maintenance, are as pristine and diverse as the reef. Our aquarium maintenance for Austin, Texas homes or business promotes healthy, clean, and balanced aquatic systems.
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