by intrinsic reef design
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 Saltwater reef
tank custom designed  and installed in Austin, Tx.

Aquarium in the waiting
 room at North Austin Surgery
design and installation by Intrinsic Reef Design.

Saltwater reef aquarium installation with hidden filtration, built and cared for                 
by Intrinsic Reef Design.

Saltwater soft coral
custom aquarium
in North Austin, Texas.

Natural aquascaped
freshwater aquarium in office in Austin, Tx.

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600 gallon marine
aquarium with
replica coral in Austin, TX.
Maintenance by IRD

Custom aquarium in-wall installation above fireplace
in Austin, TX home.

250 gallon room divider
custom aquarium in the Koi Lantern restaurant
in Dripping Springs.

Consulting and custom aquarium
installation for business.

Custom Aquarium Design,
building, and installation.
In wall, custom cabinetry,
and free standing aquariums.

Cichlid aquarium in business office
reception installed in
Austin, Tx.

Aquarium Pictures
Saltwater reef tank filtration. 
This sump system is hidden
in the stand for a clean look and minimal noise.

Custom built aquarium
in wall bookcase in
central Austin

Coral reef aquarium in Austin home.
Saltwater fish, mixed stony and soft corals.

Custom in-wall aquarium
in Lake Travis home. Maintenance by
Intrinsic Reef Design.

Custom aquarium
installed in-wall for
Dentist office,
Lone Star Orthodontics.

Saltwater fish swim
in a coral reef tank
in Austin, Tx.